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School Nurses Endorse the Nurse's Pantry

Our 2024 campaign slogan is

HOPE – Helping Other People Everyday and

our goal is $1,175,000.

(The 2023 Campaign raised $1,190,000, surpassing
our goal of $1,165,000.)

The Schuylkill United Way is very grateful to you — our community members and all our supporters — for your contributions to the 2023 Campaign.
Thank you for your generosity!

We have reached 96% of our goal as of November 22, 2023

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$1,175,000Raised $1,130,000 towards the $1,175,000 target.$1,130,000Raised $1,130,000 towards the $1,175,000 target.96%

The Sam Lesante Show – Schuylkill United Way 2023 Campaign

Join host Sam Lesante at the Schuylkill United Way speaking with Kelly Malone, Executive Director (left);  Becky Woods, Marketing Director (center); and Christine Johnson, Director of Community Relations (right). Also seen in the presentation is Barb Werner of Nurse Family Partnership.

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